Shimmering Stones Fountain, 2 pc. (5307+AD, 6307 & CK458, PS450)

Shimmering Stones Fountain, 2 pc. (5307+AD, 6307 & CK458, PS450)

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Shimmering Stones Fountain        

Product Specifications

  • Category: Fountains
    Height: 36 in.
    Diameter: 36 in.
    Weight: 526 lbs.
    Recommended fountain cover: FC22L
    Lighting: Not included
    Number of pieces: 2

Shown in Relic Lava (RL)
Flow can be adjusted from tranquil to lively.
AB873LR underwater three-light kit and rubber stopper kits are available for night time shimmering effect.
5515A Flame Cannister Holder and 57-007 Flame Cannister are available.


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