FRC or GRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is a type of “fiber-reinforced concrete” which consists of Portland cement, aggregate, color pigments and glass fibers for reinforcement instead of steel. Since the fibers cannot rust like steel, there is no need for a protective concrete cover thickness to prevent rusting. With the glass fiber reinforcement matrix, it produces a product with higher flexural strength and can weigh a fraction of traditional precast concrete.


GFRC products are often produced for architectural features such as trim, columns, balustrades, ornaments, pedaments, sills, copings, window and door surrounds, concrete countertops, planters, fountain, bollards, site furnishings and more. It can be used wherever a lightweight, strong, tough material with complicated and detailed design is needed.

GFRC is more adaptable to a customized design than cast stone, as the wet mix does not need to be vibrated in order to remove the air and water from irregularly-shaped molds, as does with conventional concrete. It will produce more accurate on details, color and texture.


The major advantage in using GFRC is the tensile strength or the ability to strengthen when stretched. This characteristic also creates dramatically enhanced impact strength. It has 3-4 times higher tensile strength than steel. The more fiber contents in the concrete mix, the higher the tensile strength. With the combination of concrete and glass fiber, results high compressive strength and longevity of the product.

GFRC products do not have the brittleness of conventional concrete, as the fiber tends to hold the material together and are dispersed randomly within the material. It can even be cut without chipping its edges.


GFRC has been tested in the laboratory showing it can last as long as precast concrete materials, or even longer. GFRC products can withstand high moisture, weather erosion, freeze-thaw weathering, alkaline and rust compared to traditional and steel-reinforced concrete. GFRC is virtually water proof.

It is made of minerals, polymers and acts as a thermal regular when exposed to heat or flame. It will not only burn but it also protects the materials behind it from heat or flame.


GFRC is a lightweight alternative to cast stone or precast concrete given the absence of steel and graded rock aggregates. It can be cast in thinner sections and weighs a fraction of similar pieces in cast stone or precast concrete. Now with Precast Materials, all GFRC products can be made to match the identical finish of traditional smooth sandstone / cast stone finish. Place the two next to each other up close to your view, and you will not be able to tell one weighs 75% less than the other.

Faster Installation

It can be easily loaded into a truck, shipped and installed onsite, thus lowering the construction time and manpower costs.

High strength

GFRC can have the tensile strength as high as 4000 psi and it has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. The more fiber contents in the concrete mix, the higher the tensile strength.


GFRC produces less waste and uses fewer natural resources because it uses less cement than traditional concrete and also often uses significant quantities of recycled materials (such as a Pozzolan).


GFRC can adapt to nearly any complex and detailed shape possible, either sprayed or poured into a mold. It can provide the look and feel of a natural stone, architectural precast concrete or terracotta. With smooth mix and no steel reinforcements, any custom design is possible and beautifully crafted. GFRC can be etched, polished, sandblasted and stenciled.

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